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【CES 2019】Hyundai MOBIS Introduces Communication Lighting for Autonomous Vehicle

【CES 2019】Hyundai MOBIS Introduces Communication Lighting for Autonomous Vehicle

January.10, 2019 - 15:16 — YiningChen 403 pageviews  by  LEDinside

Hyundai MOBIS is showcasing the latest Communication Lighting concept at CES 2019. Communication Lighting uses an "Indicating Lighting Zone" to indicate when an autonomous vehicle is operating in self-driving mode. The concept also includes a "Communication Lighting Zone" that uses LED, digital boards, headlamp projection and sound to communicate with nearby pedestrians and vehicles during various driving scenarios.
According to Hyundai MOBIS, autonomous vehicles outfitted with Communication Lighting can detect a pedestrian from more than 450 feet away. Once a self-driving car detects movement of pedestrians, its headlight would project a bright red symbol to warn the pedestrians. When the vehicle reaches a complete stop, headlight will project a crosswalk symbol onto the ground to indicate to nearby pedestrians that it is safe to proceed.

(Image: Hyundai MOBIS)

When integrated with MOBIS’ Advanced driver Assist Systems (ADAS) enabled Adaptive Drive Beam (ABD) technology, the Communication Lighting offers a more responsive self-dimming function.
International technology providers and automotive lighting producers are working together to advance lighting technology with the aim to increase road safety.
“Light has been used as a conduit for communication among vehicles and pedestrians for almost as long as the automobile has existed, so we are excited to lead the evolution of this technology to save lives and offer peace of mind to all that use the road,” said Mirco Goetz, director of lamp engineering, Hyundai MOBIS. “Our primary focus on the safe progression to future mobility will enable our industry to continue the advancement of autonomous vehicle technology, while helping to keep pedestrians and drivers out of harm’s way.”



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